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Comet Nursery School and Childrens centre

Every child deserves a great start in life, and the staff at Comet Nursery School want to be able to give their children opportunities they may not get elsewhere. Using the Outlast storage unit and blocks they’ve created a natural learning environment where children can develop language and communication through independent play-based activities.

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We think that the environment is of utmost importance. We try to have environments that are enabling environments so that the children can become independent learners with the opportunities that we provide and lead their own learning. Community Playthings just fits in with our environment perfectly. It's exactly kind of our vision of who we would like the nursery to look. You know, it's quite neutral. It's hard-wearing and it's durable and for us this the durability and the safety of the furniture's a really big deal. We use the outlast block in lots of different ways.

Some of those we set up for the children and we might open the cupboards, but we also do some den building because they are so strong.

I want to have an environment that has a natural feel to it. I want an environment that is not filled with plastic and a different colours. We really value our learning environments and we've really thought about how we set out our learning environment so that it really helps children learn. So it gives them opportunities to move from one area to another, having continuous provision so that they can have an idea and they might be building with blocks, but they can go and choose some small world and they can choose what they want to be able to develop their own ideas and their own play.

The Outlast has really for us being able to develop our block building. So we're really interested in children, how children build blocks, how they use those creatively, how they can use them for imaginative play, being creative. And I think these storage units have been brilliant at being able to house the bricks. They're really good now at being able to put the blocks away, being able to be independent in their tidying up and being able to use those as well. Our vision for Comet moving forward is really being able to develop our work and keeping hold of the importance of the natural world and very open ended play-based activities that develop children's language and communication are really broaden their vocabulary.

I think it's really important to give children opportunities that they may never have had before to develop their own self esteem and their self confidence and really being able to sort of develop their sense of self being able to grow into adults in the future.
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