Building confidence in timid twos

Toes on ToddleBoxes

Pippa was anxious about climbing steps. A timid two-year-old, she was always reaching for an adult’s hand. Her key-person, Gemma, decided to introduce ToddleBoxes. Pippa was intrigued. At first she still depended on support when clambering onto them, but within a couple days she was happily jumping off with both feet.

Gemma then used the ToddleBoxes to create an obstacle course. Pippa wanted both hands held, but Gemma gently removed one hand. After walking the entire “balance beam”, Pippa clapped her hands shouting "again!" She ran to the beginning and held out a hand. This time Gemma said, "You do it!" and Pippa climbed up herself and stepped alone from one ToddleBox to the next.

Pippa’s willingness to have a go shows that twos are competent learners. We just need to encourage them! 

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