Not enough mud!

Not enough mud

At a time of year when most people have seen more than enough of mud, a six-year-old made this remark to the contrary. He and his friends had decided to drive over a section of black pipe, but discovered that it moved. How to stabilise it? One of them had a brainwave: lay bricks along each side! So the next quarter hour was spent collecting, transporting and placing the bricks. But the bump still moved! What to do? Oh yes, they could pile mud onto the bricks to hold them down! Another 15-minute project digging and transporting mud… That’s when he made his comment about there not being enough.

Just this week I read of a 12-year-old in Florida who has invented a superior sandbag to use in floods. It has some expandable ingredient that makes the sandbag lightweight for transporting, but heavy and dense when wet so it stays in place. I can imagine these lads making similar innovations if they continue discovering and solving problems with such enthusiasm!

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