What do twos and teens have in common?

Twos tying shoes

I love using photos (all our free booklets are photo-based) because through images, children speak for themselves. There’s one in A good place to be Two that I especially enjoy as it reminds me of my own daughter at age two. One particular morning she had firmly decided to get dressed ‘by myself’! I tried not to think of all that needed to be accomplished before breakfast and sat on my hands. After all, my husband and I wanted to encourage independence, didn’t we? Ever so slowly, she pulled on the first sock, carefully smoothing every wrinkle and perfectly placing the heel. Finally she was satisfied, and I sighed with relief. But suddenly, exclaiming ‘Oops! Wrong foot!’, she jerked the sock off again!

I imagine every parent has similar memories. Twos, like teens, require an extra dose of patience – and humour!

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