A baby is a wide-open eye

A baby is a wide-open eye

Absorbing a host of impressions through all the senses is a baby’s primary task. A person’s entire life is not sufficient to erase impressions absorbed in childhood, because a child’s whole being – like a large eye – is wide open.

Friedrich Froebel’s words are as true now as when he wrote them two centuries ago. In fact, recent neuroscience advancements only underscore his point that the first months of life are crucial in development of mind, body and spirit. In the first two years, neurons are connecting at a more rapid rate than during the rest of life, so impressions at this stage are formative for the child’s entire future.

Anyone who works with babies will be in awe about all that is taking place within the bodies and brains and emotions of these brand new human beings. It’s a privileged task.

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