How about letting the grass grow tall?

Child in long grass

Here’s an idea for your nursery garden, now that summer is coming. Instead of mowing regularly, consider only mowing once toward the end of summer. You may be surprised at the result.

A local nursery tried this. As the grass grew, so did wildflowers – daisies, dandelions, clover – which the children picked freely. It was a pleasure to see two- and three-year-olds proudly presenting tightly clutched bunches of flowers to mum or dad at the end of the day.

The height of the grass brought a new dimension to the children’s play. They became tigers creeping through the “jungle” or played hiding games in the tall grass. They could see, smell and hear the breeze pass over their new meadow. They found interesting insects down in the grass or hovering over the flowers. When the grass was finally cut, some of the children collected it in baskets and wheelbarrows, “making hay” as they’d seen a nearby farmer do. 

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