Play, a child’s tool for engaging the world

Play, a child’s tool for engaging the world

“Go get some muffins, and we’ll jump into the car,” Sophie orders Nicholas. She and Issy run hand in hand to the slide. Underneath the slide their car awaits them – and their plan for a getaway.

Nicholas comes running back, his hands held out. “Here are the muffins,” he says as he hands Sophie and Issy each a piece of warm, buttered air. “I’ll drive,” he says, skootching in to the driver’s seat.

This article on play strikes my fancy because there are great examples of children's play along with the authors’ interpretations. The thought of play as a child’s way of engaging with their surroundings rings true to my experience as a mother and teacher: “For children, play is a dialogue with their surroundings – indoors or out, pretending or exploring, talking or being quiet, alone or with others. The rich complexities and subtleties offered through play provide a base for ongoing development. Not all children have opportunities to play in safe environments, but certainly all children deserve the chance to do so.”

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