The miracle of a new baby

What happens in the baby room?

As our newest training booklet was coming off the press, something far more wonderful was happening… At the end of that day, I was a grandmother! It was a privilege to work on this resource while anticipating the arrival of my granddaughter – to spend time observing babies, reading about babies, and thinking and writing about how special each one is. If only we were not accustomed to this miracle, we would be totally awed by every little child.

Think about it: Infants are determined athletes, daily pushing themselves to the limit. They are also true scientists, constantly testing their understanding. Linguists too: imagine learning a complicated language from scratch, after first figuring out that sounds coming from human beings are different from other sounds – and before that, realising that human beings are different from other objects in the field of vision! It’s mind-boggling. And most precious of all, that eye contact and communication of the soul. A baby’s whole being is reaching out to connect.

What happens in the baby room? was inspired by amazement over babies and by a desire to support those who work with them. There are beautiful photos in both the booklet and the slide show that comes in the training pack. I’m only sorry my grandchild did not arrive in time for her photo to be included! 

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