Learning through movement and play

Nursery gym bridge

About a year ago, Siren Films spent a week in Pen Green’s Baby and Toddler Nest documenting how children discover and learn through playing on the Nursery gym. The resulting film has been available on DVD since January, but you can now watch the full 20-minute film online.

Once children are mobile they’re constantly on the move, exploring and discovering their world. They learn through movement and play. It’s the way their body and brain become coordinated. They need the physical challenges of climbing and clambering – learning to balance. They need uneven surfaces to negotiate and a variety of textures to experience. They need to have slopes to walk up and down and places to slide, jump and bounce. They have a strong biological drive to seek out these sorts of experiences.

Outdoors is the best place to find many of these challenges, but children still have these deep seated needs when they’re inside. That’s why we incorporated some of these features in the Nursery gym.

Watch children explore the Nursery gym at Pen Green in this free online video.

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