ToddleBoxes: Keep one step ahead of your active toddlers


There was no problem getting children involved during photography for our new ToddleBoxes! They immediately started exploring: balancing along the units, clambering over them, and manoeuvring hills and valleys. One-year-olds learn their relation to the environment through movement. We saw this in action at the photography session. For little people who have lived life “on the flat”, ToddleBoxes offer big adventure! 

Turning over ToddleBoxes creates a whole new set of opportunities. Toddlers immediately want to sit in the upside-down units, which just fit their little bodies. Zoe plonked herself in the little personal space formed by an upside-down ramp; the rectangle becomes a social space for two. Josh and Kaitlyn especially enjoyed the overturned hill, now a rocking boat. 

For children who have just learned to crawl or walk, this product provides challenge. And because it’s so versatile, the challenge is ever new.

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