What's a rocking chair for?

Rocking chair cuddle

I use mine at the end of a hectic day as a place to unwind and (I confess it) fall asleep as my wife reads aloud to our kids. Something about that motion relaxes; perhaps it has roots in being rocked as a child. As you rock the pressures of the day fade. So what use is a child's rocking chair in nursery? Well, children also have hectic days and days where not everything works out. And even if it's a great day, time to rest and reflect is lovely.

What else is a rocking chair for? Moira has no trouble knowing! As soon as she had Jimmy the giraffe to care for, she sang to him, thought about him, fed him, and gave him the cuddle that every good giraffe needs.

P.S. What's better than rocking in a rocking chair? Rocking in a rocking chair with your best friend rocking beside you!

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