Why you need hide-away wheels

flip up wheels

While recently visiting some early years settings to gain input for our design team, I heard something surprising: The caretaker of one nursery had been unaware of our shelves’ hide-away wheels! He’d been strenuously dragging shelves from one place to another when attempting to clean the floor. Just prior to our visit, one of the nursery staff had seen him laboriously moving furniture and showed him the hidden wheels he could easily flip into position. He was thrilled to learn that from now on he can simply roll the shelves from place to place with no more back-breaking effort!

Apparently this janitor is not alone. I’ve since heard of practitioners who also were unaware of the retractable wheels and tried to move heavy shelves full of blocks with two people pushing and two pulling – they did not realise how much easier life could be!

Now that you know how simple it is to move shelves around, you may want to do it! With summer here, have you considered a new room arrangement? You might want to enlarge your construction area since role play tends to happen outdoors this time of year (oops – I wrote that assuming the rain would stop!). Or you might want to create a special nook between your book area and home corner that is "just a place to be" for a child to curl up with a book or a furry friend.

Continuous provision does not mean that every area is always in the same place. An enabling environment flows with children’s changing interests. Occasionally altering the room layout also demonstrates to parents that you are truly "tuned in" to their children.

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