Work and play from a child’s perspective

Activity panel

Photographing new products for our catalogue is a lot of work. Fortunately the children involved don’t see it that way. We don’t ask them to pose or to smile at the camera; we just let them get on with their play while our photographer snaps away. After all, they are the play experts, not us adults!

Just for fun, we shot a video of the children playing while we were taking photos of our new Activity panel.

Activity panels were designed in response to your input. We frequently ask nursery managers what they hope to achieve in the under-3s’ rooms and if are there particular elements they would like to include. Mirrors, bars for pulling to a stand and a posting option were common requests. Activity panels offer these activities in one area without becoming prescriptive.

P.S.  One member of the design team is doubly proud of this product. His ten-month-old daughter pulled herself to a stand for the first time at the Activity panel!

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