Hollow block vehicles

Hollow block jeep

Whenever we bring out a new publication or training resource, we put a lot of care into the photos. A picture really is worth a thousand words. So when I was working on I made a unicorn and its accompanying PowerPoint, I asked our photographer Tricia to visit the nursery next door and see what she could capture. All the children there know Tricia and accept her presence without question. She’s good with the camera and the kids often don’t even realise she is photographing them. However, in this instance, Wanjin saw her focussing on his construction and exclaimed, “Oh! You like my jeep? I’ll show you my forklift! And my racing car! And my aeroplane!”

I love the way children’s personalities and fascinations are reflected in their play. I’ve known Wanjin all his life, and even as a baby he would make vehicle noises! As a three-year-old, he and his best friend Tommy were constructing tractors from hollow blocks. Here you see what he was doing at five. Anyone want to hazard a guess at what he’ll be doing as a teenager?

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