Paper Easter egg with a surprise chick inside

An Easter art and craft idea

Caitlin LeBlanc | March 2020

Bring out this nest egg just before Easter break to surprise parents. It's lovely to be presented with a beautifully decorated paper Easter egg. But when it hatches to reveal a surprise chick, everybody smiles!

This project can be done in one or two sessions, by children of all ages, with a few simple materials:

Paper, crayons (pencils or felt pens are fine too), glue, scissors, and a paper fastener.

 materials for Easter egg making

1. Draw a beautiful Easter egg or colour in an Easter egg template.

drawing an Easter egg

2. Have children snip around their finished egg.

Note: for very young children you can have them colour in A5 papers. Then stack all the papers and cut an egg-shape out of them all.

cutting out an Easter egg

3. Snip the egg in half, as shown. A zigzag cut looks best. 

snipping the paper egg in half

4. Draw a chick (or a surprise animal of choice) on another piece of blank paper. 

drawing a chick

5. Snip out as shown, leaving a tab for gluing. Apply a bead of glue to the tab, and stick the animal to the back of the bottom half of your Easter egg.

gluing the chick to the egg

6. The egg should now look a bit like this.

chick in egg

7. Overlap the top section of egg onto the bottom half, and attach with a paper fastener. The top part of the egg can now swing neatly down over the chick to hide it.

attaching the two parts of the Easter egg using a paper fastener

8. You can fasten a string to the top of the surprise animals' head for a wall hanging, or mount it to a card. Happy Easter!

Easter egg card

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