Create a surprise Easter egg

Caitlin LeBlanc | March 2020

Here's a fun, simple Easter craft to try with young (and older!) children.

You will need: paper, crayons or felt tip pens or coloured pencils, glue, scissors, and a paper fastener.

 materials for Easter egg making

 1. Draw a beautiful Easter egg!

drawing an Easter egg

2. Snip it out.

cutting out an Easter egg

3. Snip the egg in half, as shown.

snipping the paper egg in half

4. Draw a chick (or some other surprise animal...rabbit?).

drawing a chick

5. Snip out as shown, leaving a tab for gluing. Glue to the back of the bottom half of your Easter egg.

gluing the chick to the egg

6. The egg should now look (roughly) like this!

chick in egg

7. Overlap the top section of egg onto the bottom half, and attach with a paper fastener. The top part of the egg can now swing neatly down over the chick to hide it.

attaching the two parts of the Easter egg using a paper fastener

8. Now hang it up on a wall, or mount it on a card to send to a friend or relative. Happy Easter!

Easter egg card

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