The easiest way to make pompoms!

Caitlin LeBlanc | March 2020

There are many ways to make pompoms but this is by far the simplest and fastest method I have come across. All you need is a fork, some yarn, and a pair of scissors.

yellow yarn, a fork and a pair of scissors

1. You’ll need some yarn, a fork, and a pair of scissors.

a length of yarn between the middle tines of a fork

2. Lay a short length of yarn between the middle tines of the fork as shown. (This will be used to tie the pompom.)

child wrapping yarn around fork tines

3. Start wrapping the ball of yarn around the fork tines. Hold the short piece of yarn against the handle of the fork to keep it out of the way.

fork with yarn wrapped around tines

4. Continue wrapping 50-60 times around, then cut off the end of the yarn.

child's hands tying yarn around bundle of yarn

5. Next, wrap the short piece of yarn tightly around the centre of the bundle, pull tight, and tie a square knot.

proto-pompom tied together with yarn

6. Slide the bundle off the fork.

child cutting loops of yarn bundle to create pompom

7. Carefully cut each loop as shown. (This step will take adult help.)

scruffy pompom

8. When you have completed the cutting, your pompom will look rather scruffy. Give it a “hair cut” and trim to a nice round shape.

fluffed-up pompom

9. Rub the pompom between your palms to fluff it up!

pompom chick with beak and googely eyes

10. Stick two pompoms together, add a beak and eyes and you have a chick!

three pompom chicks in egg-crate nests

Happy Spring!

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