Outlast, built to last

Outlast accoya outdoors

After extensive research, our design team discovered the impossible: Wood that will last outdoors in rain or shine for years and years and years. And it's 100% safe for children.

Weatherproof: Is it possible? Yes! Outlast products are made out of acetylated Accoya® wood, which has been proven to last for decades in direct contact to the ground. Outlast will not warp, shrink, twist or rot, and does not need covered storage, whatever the weather.

Non-toxic: Acetylation is a treatment process similar to pickling. It's child-safe and environmentally friendly. "Safe enough to eat" is no exaggeration.

Durable: To complement the weatherproof wood, Outlast products are fastened with stainless steel hardware and UV-resistant rubber. Outlast is backed by our standard 15-year warranty.

Easy care: Acetylated wood may eventually weather to a natural grey. Mud can be scrubbed off with water and any standard detergent.

Sustainable: Outlast uses only fast-growing, abundant FSC® certified wood.

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