Case study

The value of woodwork

St. Werburgh’s Park Nursery School

St Werburgh’s Park Nursery School in Bristol has discovered the value of introducing woodwork in their setting with the support of Pete Moorhouse, a sculptor and woodwork educator. Staff have observed the children developing and becoming more confident as they become skilful with tools and wood.

Woodwork, STEM, Technology
Centre Type
Nursery Schools
South West
Focus Area
Indoor, Outdoor

"I’ve seen children really blossom and develop through this particular medium, through woodwork, that I haven’t seen with other parts of our curriculum that we might offer them. Engagement with wood, then with tools, is so exciting to them... From them engaging in that way, and feeling skilful as they’ve mastered drilling or sawing, comes a great sense of self-worth."

— Liz Jenkins Headteacher

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