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Norland College

Quality is central at Norland college and because of this they set up their training area with Community Playthings. They believe the environment is the third teacher, and want their students to provide the very best learning provision for the children they will be caring for. The simplicity and warmth of the wooden equipment compliments their ethos well.

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Norland College has been around for 125 years, and if there's one word I'd use to describe Norland College, it's the word excellence. So we take great pride in the fact that we have now a worldwide reputation for producing the highest quality early years practitioners.

The environment here at Norland is quite unusual because we are a training College for adults, and so what we needed to do is enhance that environment so that it fit for both the children and for the adults.

We knew that Community Playthings would help us to create a state of the art interactive learning environment for our students. We support the concept of the environment as a third teacher. And so it was particularly important for us to make sure that the environment that we created for students was something that would ensure that they would produce and generate the very highest quality of provision.

I think I decided to work with children because they're so full of life, and it really shows you that when you're with children, how they see the world and how the experiences that they have then formulate who they grow up to be.

You really have an impact on their features. You really impact their lives and you teach them things that they will keep with them forever.

My vision for working with children in the future is to make them understand the process of learning and fall in love with that process.

I think the thing that I find inspiring about the furniture created by Community Playthings is the warm and nurturing environment that it creates the simple and natural aspects of how you can see the furniture's made.

I think what's important about Community Playthings products is that they're really accessible for the children that you're working with. They're all at the right height for children, they could be easily reach things within them, so it's nice that they can come into their environment and interaction well. I have the fact that the furniture's wood I think is really nice because it brings the outdoors indoors.

Everything that Community Playthings stands for is about the process of learning. It's all very sensory. It's all very attractive to the children. It's all very beautifully put together.

We hope that our graduates will continue to uphold our reputation and ensure that they provide the very best quality of care and education for young children and their families. And most importantly, I hope that they will provide the very best, nurturing and stimulating environment for young children.
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