Wall cubby installation

Things to consider before installing your wall cubbies

Installing your wall cubbies? It's good to know:

  • It's worth reading the installation instructions here before you order.
  • You'll need a competent carpenter or maintenance person to install them.
  • The wall construction must be suitable to hold the weight of a fully loaded item.  (Wall constructions vary. Ask your maintenance person to assess).
  • Fully loaded cubbies can weigh up to 25 kg, so once installed they're worth testing. (Some customers test the wall-fastenings by putting their full weight on the cubbies once they are hanging up).
Wall cubby weights
Cubby Type  SKU (66 cm)     Weight (kg) SKU (130 cm)   Weight (kg)
Compact   A313   6.01   A314  11.18 
Standard   A316   6.07   A317  11.46
Premium   A318   5.4   A319   10.11


NOTE: We can always offer the Coat Storage Units if the wall cubbies are not appropriate.  These do not need to be fastened to the wall.