ID label on product

Understanding the ID label on your product:

Each Community Playthings product (except blocks) has a unique ID label. It’s a white sticker like the one below and you can usually find it:

  • Underneath, on items like chairs, tables and panels.
  • Inside the unit, under the top on the left hand side for items like shelves or home corner pieces.
  • On the outside of the stairs on a Nursery Gym.

ID code label

When you get in touch with a question about an item, your account manager will ask for the ID number so they can trace its history, and help you.

On the example label below the number they are looking for is: D230UK-220230101AA

ID code label with color

Manufacturer and contact address

Item number

Some items are shipped in a multipack

The date the item was made (year/month/day)

Some products require the standards they are tested to