Shelf connected to panels with mirror covers attached

Choosing the cover that fits your panel or shelf back

A step-by-step guide to help you choose your shelf back or panel cover

Panel covers are a great addition to display board panels and shelf backs – no wonder they are so popular! A clear cover allows you to display children’s pictures, photos or posters, and in certain situations they greatly help to keep your display boards clean. A chalkboard cover brings mark-making to every activity area. Mirror covers can aid a baby’s development by stimulating their vision, promoting self-recognition, enhancing social skills, and fostering body awareness and emotional regulation.

Selecting the correct cover can be a bit tricky though, and not all covers cover the entire display board surface. In order to buy the cover you need and know ahead of time how much of your panel or shelf back will be covered, please use this guide.

First step: Identify the shelf or panel to which you want to attach the cover

Each of our products has an ID label with the item and serial number in bold print, e.g. ID: F711 20230126AA. The item number in this case is F711. Sometimes, an item has “UK” attached to their number. Please disregard this as you choose your cover.

All panels have this label on the underside of the frame, shelves have the ID label on the top left inside surface. Please contact customer support if this label went missing on the item for which you want to buy a cover.

A panel and a shelf with the product ID code label in view


Second step: Navigate to your shelf or panel product page

Navigate to your product on our website. The easiest way to do this is to enter the product/item number into the search field which you find on top of each page. This will automatically forward you to the product page.

Screenshot of the site search field

Third step: Preview how a cover will look on your shelf or panel

On the product page, scroll down to the “Accessories” section. You will find all compatible covers listed there, so you can be sure that you are not ordering a product that won’t fit. Use the selector buttons on the accessories list to preview how much of your shelf or panel will be covered with a particular type of cover. There are cases in which you can attach two covers onto one shelf or panel. To learn whether this is possible in your case, and to get more information on the cover in general, click on the cover name in the accessories section to get to a custom page demonstrating the available covers for your shelf or panel.

Screenshot of accessory field

If this process does not work for you, please don’t hesitate to contact customer support.