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carry crate

"So it does!" said Pooh. "It goes in!"

"So it does!" said Piglet. "And it comes out!"

"Doesn't it?" said Eeyore. "It goes in and out like anything."

"I'm very glad," said Pooh happily, "that I thought of giving you a Useful Pot to put things in."

      A. A. Milne


Community Playthings design team always has its eye out for the unspoken needs of our customers. Some of their best designs have come out of field-observations where a practitioner did not know exactly what they wanted, but knew they needed something to fill a particular need. This time, we wanted something for storage, something robust, something beautiful, and something children could use “all by myself!”

View our new Carry crate in 4 different sizes. We think you will love them as much as we do.

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