Where do your children post things?

Posting in Play Collection

One of my earliest recollections of nursery is lying on my tum peering through the slatted patio floor at the interesting things people had dropped through the cracks and wishing I could reach them! Anyone working with young children knows how they collect and transport small objects and find handy cracks or holes to drop them through. There is magic in making things disappear. When something goes missing, isn’t your first step to check the favourite posting places?

Our design team wanted a wide age range to enjoy our new Play Collection role play furniture. As well as enabling the role play and puppetry that three- to five-year-olds love, the team had fun imagining how two-year-olds might engage with each piece. The team leader took prototypes home to observe how his family would use them. While his older children engaged in role play, the youngest was happy turning knobs and opening and closing doors! What was the biggest hit for his two-year-old? The holes in the side of each unit to post things into!

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