Does the Dream Coracle work for you?

Does the Dream Coracle work for you?

I met Kerry Swift, a nursery practitioner, at a conference and was intrigued by her experiences with the Dream Coracles. She told me how her initial reservations quickly vanished when the children started using them:

When we first got Dream Coracles, I had my doubts. Some parents did too, unsure about children getting out of bed on their own and thinking they looked less safe than cots. However once we had Dream Coracles in use, the parents’ views changed and so did mine. Children feel snug and secure in them. We still use cots when children are new to nursery, but it never takes long until they are in a Dream Coracle.

Initially we used Dream Coracles for babies of 10–18 months, but we found that toddlers were asking to go into them as well. We have children up to 2½ years old using the Dream Coracle! They love curling up in their own snuggle-space; and having that boundary between themselves and other sleeping children seems important to some. The Dream Coracle also works well for our youngest babies, five months old. As it becomes part of their daily routine, they happily drift off to sleep like a wee bird in its nest. When not in use, Coracles can be easily stacked out of the way to free up floor space. You can’t do that with cots!

I asked Kerry what she’d advise other nurseries uncertain about the Dream Coracle. She said:

I’d encourage them to start with just one. It’s important to forget your adult viewpoint and see it from the eyes of the child. A baby on floor level sees a safe cosy place. Unlike a cot, it invites them to crawl in and cuddle down.

Watch the Dream Coracle in use at a nursery in this 8-minute video

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