The Dream Coracle at Northumbria University Nursery

Dream Coracle DVD

Many Dream Coracles are now in nurseries across the country, but as they are a new concept we have heard people say, “I want to see them in a nursery.”

Since we couldn’t take you all there, in January we asked Siren Films to spend time at Northumbria University Nursery. Siren filmed the under-twos using Coracles and interviewed staff and parents.

Watching the film, what struck me was the way children made the Dream Coracles their own. Nobody needed to tell them what Coracles were for or that they could climb out themselves when nap time was over. If you wonder how the Dream Coracle might work in your nursery or want to discuss the concept with staff or parents, this video is a great place to begin.

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P.S. I’m sure you’ll enjoy what Evie’s dad says about boundaries!

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