Calling all artists

Calling all artists

When I ask people why they like our furniture, they tend to praise its natural wood, flip-up wheels and flexibility. However, the head of a primary school near Exeter gave me a new answer: “It lets me paint the picture”. I thought that was cool, because it answers an occasional complaint that rooms furnished with Roomscapes “all look the same”.

If you don’t have a vision for your room, then it may look institutional in spite of wood furniture. But if you have an imaginative outlook, then the furniture enables you to “paint your picture”. Because of its natural colours, our furniture blends with almost any style of building. It looks “right” in a converted barn or a modern glass-and-steel academy.

The challenge is: What message do you want to convey? What picture do you want to paint? Everyone has a different forte and that’s what makes each setting unique. You could complement wave panels with exuberant African fabrics or add dreamy softness to a corner with pastel gauze flowing down from an arch.

So sit back, take a new look at your rooms and experiment.

If you haven't read it recently, the chapter on Mood in our Spaces training resource has more on this topic.

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