Adjustable height tables in the classroom

Adjustable tables

What is a table for? It’s a simple question, but there’s more to the answer than “for sitting at to do schoolwork”. Several years ago an Infant School in Kent refurbished three of their reception classrooms. They replaced the bright red plastic tables and chairs with Community Playthings MultiTables with adjustable height legs and Woodcrest chairs. Following this change, they noted several unexpected consequences. When they adjusted the tables to standing height, some of the chairs in the room could be removed. This in turn freed up space for more activities. They also found that free-flow art projects worked much better when the children could comfortably stand at the table for taping, gluing and cutting.

Many computer tables used in schools are too high for the children to use the keyboard comfortably. An adjustable table with no apron allows staff to set the table at the correct height for the children. If a child in a wheelchair needs access, one table can be adjusted to the correct height right on the day.

At the Education Show last year we ran a contest to see who could adjust our tables the fastest. One lady adjusted the table height in 8 seconds on her first try. I can’t do it quite that fast, but who knows, you might set a new record.

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