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Compliant mats for the PlayFrame.
A Workbench is essential to nurture the next generation of inventors and artisans.
This could be the last time you need to buy trikes for a very long time...
With smooth wood bars for easy lifting and carrying, Carry crates are ideal for use by children and adults alike. Choose from four sizes.
Community cots can safely accommodate newborns or older babies
Mirror panel with holes for posting balls and bars for a toddler to pull up to a stand
Combine these beautiful panels with shelves to creatively divide your room
Translucent panels let in light and enable supervision. Combine these beautiful panels with shelves to creatively divide your room.
Creative units offer an angled shelf, displaying choices in an easily accessible, market-style layout.
Craft shelves feature an angled shelf to help children browse through crafts. These economical shelf units can accommodate a loaded craft corner top, two Corners on either end, or nothing at all.

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As early years educators we need to find ways to capture and celebrate the regular rituals in a child’s day and “turn the ordinary into the extraordinary”.
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Young children learn through movement and play.
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The amount of space in a room and how it is organised affects children's behaviour.
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How do we support children’s learning through play? An effective play educator “engineers learning experiences that put children in the driving seat and then gets out of the way for a while”, write Pam Mundy and Sue Egersdorff. “They (genuinely) smile a lot, provide...
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Outdoor activity helps children keep a positive outlook.
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Children should enjoy learning and you can help them to develop that all-important disposition to learn by providing them with an environment which they can explore, modify and use themselves.
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Who will speak for the child in the next generation?
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Did you know that Community Playthings makes the world’s best Chocolate Machine?
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Take a peek inside Bright Horizon's Towerfield Tots nursery with this case study.
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Just for fun, we shot a video of the children playing while we were taking photos of our new Activity panel