Learning in the early years

two children playing with bark boats

Life is being squeezed “out of the two most precious attributes of childhood: an insatiable curiosity and an endless capacity to learn. Such a natural desire to explore, experiment and investigate is the same driving force that led the wayward Elephant’s Child in Rudyard Kipling’s Just So Stories to almost lose his trunk to a crocodile, so determined was he to find out what the crocodile ate for dinner… Innocent, yet seriously scientific research such as that is evident in the practical application of inquiry that is fundamental to early learning,” write Pam  Mundy and Sue Egersdorff, co-directors of International Early Years.

In a series of articles, Pam and Sue encourage all who care about children to help them first attain readiness for life, before concentrating on gaining readiness for school. Read the last article, which considers the highly debated issue of learning in the early years.

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