Something to talk about

teacher reading a story to a group of toddlers

“I’m Mopsy,” says Mia, hopping around the room. “What does ‘don’t get into mischief’ mean?” At four she loves Beatrix Potter. The stories are simple, yet they suddenly present new words:

Peter gave himself up for lost, and shed big tears; but his sobs were overheard by some friendly sparrows, who flew to him in great excitement, and implored him to exert himself. –The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Books give children something to talk about. “When you come across a word children might not be familiar with, take a moment to talk about it.” writes Jennifer Fiechtner. This is “an important vocabulary building exercise, and it helps you tune into their interests as you choose your next books.” Read the article for language development strategies.


PS. Mopsy, in case you forgot, is one of Peter Rabbit’s good little bunny-sisters.

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