200th Anniversary Celebration of the Keilhau School

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The school in Keilhau will celebrate its 200 year anniversary this year. On 22 April visitors to the Froebel school will have the rare opportunity to visit and tour the school grounds, attend workshops, (both English and German) and experience a day in the place where Froebel was free to put his educational theories into practice. It is still possible to register to take part in this unique day! See more Information about the event. Speakers include Tina Bruce, Jane Read, Stella Louis and Pete Moorhouse from the UK, as well as representatives from the International Froebel Society, Deutschland.

Register online at http://www.froebelseminar.de or email a.matheis@ev.froebelseminar.de

About the school
Where are children truly still able to experience a childhood? One of the secret havens is Keilhau - a tiny village in Thuringia, Germany where the well-known educator, Friedrich Froebel, founded a school in 1817. He worked to provide children with the tools to become “free-thinking, independent people,” uninhibited by the whims of fashion, society and the stifling spirit of the age. Froebel believed that formal education should not be separated from the rest of a child’s learning: “school and life should become one!”

Unlike other initiatives started by the father of the modern Kindergarten, the school in Keilhau has not been turned into a museum, and remains a living memorial to Froebel’s work and vision. It continues to run based on his principles and ideas: education through example and love. Creative, imaginative and explorative childhood is still to be found here in the school and the surrounding woods and mountains.

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