Helping children with SEN relax and learn

Helping SEN children relax and learn

Stand in the doorway of your classroom or nursery. If you were a young child on the autistic spectrum, what does the room communicate? Does it frighten you with its disconcerting noise and distraction? Or does it draw you in?

Most groups of children include at least one coping with extra challenges, and staff must occasionally stand back and view the room through their eyes. One way to help children with ADHD, Foetal Alcohol Syndrome or autism feel safe is to create a tranquil corner within your room. The boundaries of this peaceful space should be adjustable to serve changing situations. Movable shelves and panels are better than fixed partitions.

Children can only focus and learn when they feel secure. Helping them relax is essential for academic attainment as well as for emotional wellbeing.

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