A good place to be Two

A good place to be Two

Developing quality twos environments indoors and out

Being two is not easy. At times you feel big and strong. You declare your independence in all kinds of ways; you want to be respected and given space. Other times you feel small and vulnerable; the world looms large and scary. You want to be held and hugged and treated like the baby you used to be. Sometimes your special grownups just don’t get it, and then you fly apart!

Working with two-year-olds is not easy either. One moment they are trustful and endearing; the next, they throw their weight around like little teenagers, testing whether you really mean what you say. It’s important to remain patient, to try to understand their viewpoint, to be consistent – and to keep your sense of humour! How can we set up the physical environment to support children in this unique and seemingly contradictory stage?

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