How one school took learning outdoors

Outdoor learning

This past summer I was thrilled to learn how Lighting the fire impacted a school in Tunbridge Wells. Judith Lees, Head teacher of Langton Green Primary School, shared the training with her staff when it became available last autumn. All her teachers became enthused and the entire school made a shift, taking much of the learning outdoors and incorporating play and hands-on investigation in the daily curriculum. During the course of the year, children's enthusiasm reached new levels. They arrived each morning excited and eager for what they might do and learn in school.

The climax came in June when Langton Green had an Ofsted inspection. Judith felt anxious about how the inspectors might react to her school's approach, but she was determined to do her best for the children. I spoke with Judith shortly after the inspection, and her excitement could be sensed over the phone; the inspectors had been tremendously impressed by the children's motivation and confidence.

Langton Green received "outstanding" across all areas of their inspection. The lead inspector commended Judith, saying that children in her school are able to think for themselves. Isn't that the goal of education?

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