Exploring room layout at Tidemill Primary Academy

Tidemill Primary

I find it fascinating working with customers on their room layouts. You quickly become a team and share the hopes and dreams they have for their setting and the children in it. As we wanted another case study for our website, I visited Tidemill Primary Academy in London, a new building we had recently planned. I hoped to capture how the furniture shapes activity areas within the rooms. I was met by Carl, the early years teacher. He had spent a day with us in Robertsbridge planning and was eager to show us how the rooms had worked out. Carl introduced me as “From Community Playthings – the people who made our wooden furniture and blocks!” The smile of recognition from teachers who’d never seen me before started the visit on a positive note.

I was delighted with the light airy feel of the rooms. They had mounted Roomscapes pinboard panels on shelving to create displays in the different activity areas. I took some pictures showing the room layouts. Then the children arrived and the real fun began! Every activity area was soon humming. The children became deeply engrossed in what they were doing. The only difficulty was where to look first! The children were naturally curious and when I explained to one child that I work in the blocks and chairs factory her response was “No-o-o you don’t!” I guess I don’t look much like Bob the Builder. Next time I’ll take a tool belt and some wood shavings.

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