Cots and rest mats coming back – plus something new

Rest mat

In 2011 we discontinued the Community Playthings cots and rest mats so that we could re-design them. We thought nursery owners could source them from other manufacturers while we finished off some other designs first.

However, we seem to have been wrong: Although you could source these products elsewhere, they did not have the quality you wanted. Rest mats would crack and split. Cots were wobbly and took too much space. So many of you made your voices heard that we are taking action: By the end of the summer (2012) we plan to make both rest mats and cots available once more. That gives us the time to do all the testing needed before a product, especially one for the youngest children, is released.

And, following the reintroduction of cots and rest mats, there is going to be something new:

Over the last three months, our design team has made numerous field visits to hear the sector’s ideas and wishes around children’s sleep. We learned that many of you like to take children out of cots once they are mobile – and yet you are unhappy laying a nine- or twelve-month-old baby to sleep on a mat on the floor. So we have put a lot of time and thought into a brand-new sleep product for these young children. I’m not going to describe it and I don’t know when it will be ready, so please be patient. You’re going to love it!

If you want to know when the cots and rest mats are in production send us an email with your name and phone number. We’ll make sure you’ll be the first to hear.

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