Through the eyes of a child

Through the eyes of a child

A few weeks ago tree surgeons removed a dying tree adjacent to my two-year-old son’s nursery. Since then, every odd-shaped piece of wood he finds is his chainsaw. He has a whole collection of chainsaws under his bed. It makes housekeeping interesting – but that’s OK. When we pass a construction site on the way home from nursery, he’s the one driving the digger or the dumper. If imagination is a trait of early childhood that you feel is important, then we have something that you will love!

Through the eyes of a child explores the brand-new Community Playthings PlayFrame through the stories of five children. We see an event in their lives captured in stunning black and white photography while colourful illustrations give us a glimpse into the child’s thoughts. Then we find out how they re-live that experience on the PlayFrame. The result is a delightful picture book which your children may enjoy as much as you do!

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